About us

History of cnx p&p travel ltd.,part.

          Founded on November 8, 1987, has been appointed as the representative of more than 28 years Airways registered locally. At that time also the telegraph, telephone lines and Fax.

          1992       License IATA (3530141) "International Air Transport Association".

          1994       The organization has implemented Amadeus Online ticket used at that time are still used for writing.

          1998       Changed the system for a printer. The flight started out as E-TICKET.

          2008       E-TICKET as A4 paper ticket is also a registered service TTAA (THAI TRAVEL AGENTS ASSOCIATION)

          Cnx p&p travel ltd.,part is an agent of cheap air ticket in Chiangmai. Domestic and international, all low cost airlines. The location is on 243-245 Thapae rd., T.Changklan A.Mueang, Chiangmai on the main street of Chiang Mai people to travel. Get ready both comfort and excellent services throughout the period of the past.



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